7 Quick Ways To Personalise Your Rental Home

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Moving into a rental home can be a wonderful thing. You finally have your own space, some privacy and can invite your friends around when you want. All rental leases come with restrictions, like no picture hangers on the walls or no use of double sided tape. As you place your furniture and knick knacks around the rooms, it would be nice to put your personal stamp on this newly rented home. This is, in fact, easier than you think.

How to Display Photos

There are many ways to display photos without hanging them on walls. For a large quantity of photos, you could buy a large tri-fold room divider which is capable of holding A4 size photos, as well as numerous smaller ones. For single photos, use frames of assorted sizes. Photo flip books or coffee table size books printed with your personal photos are another great idea.

Photos - Desk Calendars

Colour Theme

Choose your favourite colour theme and incorporate it into lounge cushions, tablecloths and placemats, floor rugs and curtains. In fact, your preferred colour can be used anywhere to accessorise and personalise your rental home.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask The Landlord

If the wall colour scheme is not to your liking or is a little drab, perhaps you could ask the landlord if they would give permission for you to paint it. The landlord would have to approve the colour of course, but most landlords are quite happy for you to do this. Sometimes they are time poor and have just not got around to doing it themselves. Often they will deduct the cost of the paint from your rent.

It’s Too Dark

Rental properties can often be dark because they are filled with older light fittings. The use of free standing floor lamps and table lamps can brighten up the rooms to bring a totally different perspective to a dingy dark area.


If you are a collector, whether it be Star Wars or Batman memorabilia, tea pots, teddy bears or antiques, display these in a glass fronted cabinet or open style cube display case and you will have a great conversation starter when visitors call around.

Let Your Home Reflect Your Lifestyle

If you are dedicated to reading or watching dvds or if you love house plants, keep these things on display. It is important to reflect your lifestyle in the décor of your home.

Customised photos

With the hundreds of photos that you would have on file, why not turn some of them into personalised wall or desk calendars? You could also have photos printed onto mouse mats or custom mugs to bring an extra personal touch to your rental home.

Bear in mind this is a rental home. You may live in it for a long time or you may only reside in it for a short time, but it should reflect your personal touch and style. If your home doesn’t suit your personality, it could have negative effect on you. Make sure everything you use to add your personal touch to this home can be taken with you.

How To Choose An Air Compressor

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Air CompressorAnyone who is going to use air tools is going to need a compressor. It doesn’t matter if they are using an impact wrench for mechanic’s work, an air nailer for construction, or any other pneumatic tool, without a compressor to power the tool; it’s going to do no more work than be a paperweight. The right air compressor is just as important as the tools that it is going to power.

So, how do you select the right air compressor? For a lot of people, it’s just a matter of looking over the compressors available, and picking out one they like. However, this is kind of a haphazard way of buying an expensive piece of equipment. It’s better to have some idea of what one is looking for, before starting to look.

Gas vs. Electric

Most air compressors on the market are electric powered. They have to be plugged into a normal 120 VAC outlet for power. But, what do you do when there’s no electric power to run the compressor? In those cases many people have to use a generator to power their compressor. That’s just one more piece of equipment to carry around.

If one is working on a lot of job sites where electricity isn’t available, it’s a good idea to buy a gas powered compressor. That reduces the amount of equipment that needs to be dragged to the job site, and the gas powered compressor will be more fuel efficient than powering an electric compressor off of a generator.

When selecting an electric compressor, it is important to keep in mind the maximum current draw of the compressor. When the motor starts, it draws a surge of power. That’s the worst power consumption. If there’s ever a time when the compressor is going to trip a circuit breaker, that’s the time. Remember, most outlets are only on 20 amp breakers. Manufacturers keep this in mind with their designs, but a big compressor running off the same circuit as other equipment can still trip a breaker.

What do the Specs Mean?

While I suppose it’s possible to buy a compressor just based upon how it looks, that’s really not much of a criteria. You’ve got to understand what the specs are and what they mean. Here are the basic specs that you’ll be looking at:

Motor size – measured in horsepower (HP). Everyone likes to brag about the horsepower, but it really doesn’t mean much of anything. The only time it comes into consideration is when comparing two compressors which are otherwise equal. The higher horsepower compressor doesn’t have to work as hard, so it will probably last longer.

Tank capacity – measured in gallons. This is somewhat important. The larger the tank, the longer your air tools can run off of the “bottled” air, before the compressor needs to turn on again. You don’t want the compressor running at any more than a 60% duty cycle, or there’s a good chance the motor will burn out. More than anything, tank capacity is a convenience. If you are running tools that consume a lot of air for several minutes at a time, with rest periods for the compressor to recover between times, a larger tank helps. Likewise if you have several people working off the same compressor.

Weight – measured in pounds. If the compressor is a portable unit, this is important. Some of these babies can be heavy enough to really mess up your back if you try and pick them up. For mobile operations, like construction work, a lighter weight compressor is helpful.

Max pressure – measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). This is not very important, as pretty much every compressor on the market provides more pressure than air tools need. As long as the compressor will produce 120 PSI, you can run almost anything on it. There are a few high-power tools which require more than 120 PSI; in those cases, you need to pay attention to this specification.

Air capacity – measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM). This is the single most important specification on any air compressor, and for some reason most manufacturers hide it in the small print. This is how much air the compressor is able to compress at a particular pressure. Typically, manufacturers will rate their compressors at two different pressures, 40 PSI and 90 PSI. As there aren’t any air tools which use only 40 PSI of air, that really doesn’t mean much, it’s the 90 PSI figure that counts. This is critical information, as the air capacity of the compressor must be higher than the air consumption of the tools that will be attached to it.

Air Compressor Styles

There are several common styles of air compressors. While they all pretty much do the same thing, the form factor is different, intended to be used in different ways.

Pancake – These compressors are small units, typically with a six gallon round tank. They are compact units, which makes them very popular with contractors, for powering air nailers. The Porter Cable C2002WK is a popular model of this style compressor.

Hotdog Portable – These are very small compressors, designed for high portability. Typically the tank is only one or two gallons. Like the pancake, they don’t have wheels, but are light enough to carry. The Senco PC1010 is a good example of this type of compressor.

Twin Tank – These are another compact compressor style, designed to be carried. The major difference between one of these and the hotdog is that it has more tank capacity; about twice what the hotdog has. Gauges and controls are mounted on a control panel, for those that like that. They usually have two air chucks, as opposed to the single chuck that most compressors have. The Makita MAC2400 is a good example of this style.

Wheelbarrow – Wheelbarrow compressors are twin tank units with a single wheel. Handles at the other end allow the compressor to be moved much like a wheelbarrow. These are higher capacity units, with much larger tanks, somewhere between 5 and 8 gallons total capacity.

Horizontal – This is the “standard” compressor design, with wheels at one end and a handle at the other to move it around. Horizontal compressors vary incredibly in their capacity, with tanks all the way up to 20 gallons. The larger ones can power two to three air tools at a time. The Campbell Hausfeld HL540100AV is a great example of a horizontal compressor.

Vertical – Vertical compressors are not designed to be portable, but are rather shop compressors. By turning the tank vertically, the compressor takes up less floor space in the shop. These are high capacity compressors, with tanks up to 40 gallons in size. They are intended for use with multiple air tools at a time. DeWalt’s D55168 is a small vertical compressor.

Air Consumption

As I’ve already mentioned, the most important specification on an air compressor is the amount of compressed air that is produces. If a compressor can’t produce enough air to power the tools being connected to it, it is essentially worthless. This table should help in determining how much air capacity you need in your compressor. Keep in mind that these are approximations; you need to check the actual specifications of the tools you are going to use, as specifications can vary.

Author Bio: Ryan Hill is a review expert especially when it comes to explaining the difference between certain power tools.  Find more information about power tool reviews by visiting his website.

Gardening: Tips on Growing Plants Whether Indoor or Outdoor

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Gardening is the art of producing and nurturing plants, and is associated with a specific field in science called horticulture. Decorative flowers or shrubs are included in a garden’s ornamental façade while some other plants associated with gardening are produced for consumption. Some of these consumption purposes may include even herbal medicines and beautifying materials for the skin and body.

Gardening:  Hobby or Business?

Gardening: Tips on Growing Plants Whether Indoor or Outdoor

Gardening makes a person more in touch with fine details of nature. Here, they gain mindful thought of living things that rely on their nurturing abilities in order to grow. Some people find it esteeming when their efforts are paying off, and the garden is in full bloom. From the time that seeds were planted until plants or trees mature, some said the feeling is stress-relieving when they come out alive.

Some ended up investing in the art and gained profit out of doing what they love. They offer services to residential places, corporate rooftops, and terrace gardens – for high-rise residential places. They can even supply ornaments and flowers when needed for a special occasion. This kind of business would require a piece of land for cultivation of plants and flowers. The most important part is manpower consisting of gardeners and landscapists. It requires a timeframe and due diligence should be backed up by thorough maintenance as seeds are grown in to plants and/or trees.

Outdoor Gardening

There is a lot of time required for a person to dedicate in gardening, so it takes a form of calling and love for this science. There are also some materials that they need to invest on especially if they are considering outdoor gardening. They have to begin with pampering a lawn, designing a landscape and maintaining it against withering and falling apart. Labor in outdoor gardening has the tendency to be intensive as time is of the essence. Keeping up with outdoor gardening also requires that it sustain the weather and people who would pass by it.

Indoor Gardening

Would it be too much to ask that a garden will look like according to one’s current mood? Sometimes, people who grow plants would prefer a garden that will look different from time to time. This is one benefit of indoor gardening or terrace gardening because plants are held by pots, which can be easily moved anywhere. One important thing to remember is the make of pots to be used. Depending on what plant to nurture, pots bought – or made – should withstand the weight of the plant as it grows. It is also significant that pots are checked according to how a plant’s roots grow. Once these factors are checked, find a heavy-duty pot which will withstand the plant as it matures. Plants do not mature on their own, so pots should be able to go through moist, wetness and heat. It should be built to sustain heaviness of the soil together with the growing plant over periods of time.

Gardening is not supposed to be easy. A garden in full bloom takes so much patience to achieve, and eats up a lot of time as it is being tended. Whether as a hobby or business, directly to the earth or grown in a pot a plant’s life depends on a green thumb. If a person has one may be it is a clue, and there will never be harm in trying to get closer to nature.

Home and Garden Gift Ideas

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For any person who usually spends hours keeping their garden thriving, the garden is a source of satisfaction and pleasure. Gardeners take pride mostly in the flowers that they nurture therefore a gift complementing a garden will be received well. In this article we will analyse the best gifts available.

Wind Chimes

They provide a calming sound with breeze inside a garden. Many types are available, and their sounds are noticeably different from each other. Chimes are available in basic designs although there are others that are highly decorative. Hanging in the garden from a tree, chimes provide harmony and music with nature.

Bird Feeders

Bird feeders bring action to the garden. During winter when the garden is resting, observing the wild birds’ antics is entertaining. To compliment the feeder, include a birdseed bag as well as an identification book. It is fascinating to watch hummingbirds darting out and in the flower garden. Purchasing a hummingbird feeder only used during summer will help to attract them. With the feeder, include commercial food mix packages for the hummingbirds as well.


Birdbaths provide a beautiful feature in a garden as they attract birds which are colourful and are usually decorative when they are surrounded by flowers. They come in various styles and are made from different materials such as cement, glass, metal or resin. The design may be highly decorated having relief details or plain and is a permanent gift providing many years of enjoyment.

TP Trampolines

This is ideal for the home environment and any person will appreciate them as gifts. They come in various designs and sizes and will provide the kids with something to enjoy while at the same time having a good workout as they are able to exercise as often as they like. They also provide the young ones with backyard entertainment as an option to mind-numbing online digital games.

Genius Octagonal 12ft Trampoline

Stepping Stones

These are concrete slabs which are crafted as decorative paths for the garden and may be used in a series or as one step. Often the slabs are highly festooned or they can be imprinted with leaves. Crafting the stone by hand makes a very special gift.

Gardening Tools

A useful set of farming tools can be a good gift for anyone to beautify their yard. Complete sets of tools may include small shovels, pruning shears and trowels. Available are sets with longer handles therefore less bending over. A garden tool kit or canvas bag for holding the new set may be appropriate too.

Tote Bag

Any gardener will surely appreciate a good tote bag for storing and carrying gardening supplies. Specifically look for a bag having sufficient room to hold the required supplies or has nice decorations on its outer surface. Also, you can purchase at crafts stores plain tote bags and then decorate the bags yourself.

In addition to gifts for outside gardens, indoor garden gifts are also available and they are perfect for those who love to keep the inside garden cool during cold weather seasons or those living in condos or apartments which is not close to any outdoor space dedicated for gardening. For indoor gardening, gifts could include new plants, pots or indoor garden seed kits.

The Benefits of Tiling Your Floor

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With so many different types of floor coverings now available to residential consumers, it can be difficult to narrow down your favourites. When deciding on the right floor covering for your home, you should not only consider the aesthetic nature of the design, but also the comfortableness and maintenance required. Your new floor covering should be something that benefits every member of the family and, ultimately, makes your life easier.

Many families are now choosing tiling as their favourite option for floor coverings, as it provides a number of endless benefits. Whether you’re searching for something that is low maintenance or are concerned about the aesthetic styling of your new floor, tiling could just be what you’re looking for. Read on to discover the unbeatable advantages of tiling your floor.

Easy to Clean

One of the most advantageous reasons to tile your floor is simply because it provides an easily cleanable surface. While tiling is commonly chosen as the floor covering of choice throughout high traffic areas of the home, many families are now seeing the benefits of tiling the entire house. Warmth and character can still be added to the home with lush rugs and runners; however, tiling throughout your house will ensure that you’re not spending every minute of your day cleaning! Whether you’re cleaning spills, scuffs or just regular household dirt, there is a notable difference when dealing with a tiled floor covering.

A Hypoallergenic Home

While carpets were once a popular choice of floor covering in many homes, it is now becoming evident just how unhygienic they can be. Carpets provide the perfect conditions for a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and dust mites. Vacuuming often removes the noticeable surface dirt, but leaves other nasties behind. Due to the collection of dust and dirt, many allergy sufferers find it difficult to live in a carpeted home. Choosing to tile your floor can help to create a more liveable environment for you and your loved ones.

Durable Floor Coverings

As aforementioned, tiling is commonly used throughout areas of the home with high volumes of foot traffic. The laundry, kitchen and bathroom, for instance, will regularly display tiles. Tiling is an incredibly durable option, offering a hard-wearing surface that requires little to no maintenance, other than regular cleaning. Scuff marks and spills are easily removed from tiled floors, while the durable surface is very difficult to permanently mark.

Many house and land packages now include great options for various floor coverings. New home owners are not limited to one type of floor covering, with many reputable builders offering a range including tiles and carpeting. If you’re searching for a floor covering option that provides a healthy and clean living environment for your family, consider the undeniable advantages of tiling.

Tips In Handling a Fire Extinguisher

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Fire is unpredictable and you want to be prepared for to combat it as much as you can. And this is the reason why most establishments and structures out there employ fire extinguishers as one of their first line of defense against fire. However, it is also important that you know how to use it effectively. Make sure to keep the following tips in mind when handling a fire extinguisher:
·         Make Sure That You Are Physically Capable: Not all people can physically handle a fire extinguisher. Seniors, disabled people and children are most likely to have a difficult time handling fire extinguishers. If you are one of these people, it is best that you find a safe way out first. Take not that fire extinguishers are heavy, not to mention that the pressure it releases when its opened is very strong and may well push you back if you do not have the strength to carry it.
·         Asses the Fire: If the fire is not yet that big and is in a contained area like your kitchen then utilizing fire extinguishers found at Fire Protection Online are effective against it. However, if the fire has already spread throughout the place then a fire extinguisher may not be sufficient enough to douse the fire. In this case, it is best to call for help.
·         Check The Kind Of Extinguisher That Is Available: In the United States, there are five kinds of fire extinguishers categorized as A, B, C, D and K. Although these categories may vary depending on the country in question and with A, B, and C being the most commonly used. A Class fire extinguishers are utilized to douse fires on cloths, wood, rubber and different kinds of plastics. B Class on the other hand, are often used to fight oil-based or grease base fires. Class C fire extinguishers are made to fight fires caused by electrical appliances and other plugged equipment. Class D are usually used in factories since it specializes against water-reactive materials like burning magnesium. It comes in powder which must have the materials that will enable it to extinguish the fire.
·         Call For Help First: Before you even attempt to become a hero and try to douse yourself, it would be best that you call for help especially if the fire is growing rapidly for you to extinguish it. You can also have someone else call 911 for you or other similar hotline.
Another way of being able to effectively utilize a fire extinguisher is by reading the manual which comes along with it. There are also instructions on how to use it noted on the equipment. Of course, it would be more ideal if you did not have to use the fire extinguisher in the first place.

Uniquely Designed Glass Verandas

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Traditional Veranda

Taking a look at the front or back of your home, you might wonder how it can be improved. You may have considered giving it a lick of paint or improving the quality of the brickwork, but found that both options are either too expensive or take too much time. Fortunately, the addition of a traditional veranda found at nationwideltd.co.uk could help to transform the look of your home without too much time, money or effort being used up, but what are they for, and where do they look at their best?

Verandas are largely ornamental, although they also help to create extra shade and cover underneath a doorway or over a patio. Made with a frame made from iron, steel or aluminium plus glass panes, they’re usually positioned over a front door, back door or over a patio or porch. They can even be placed over windows to help make any home, shop, bar or office look far better than they did beforehand, especially with so many styles to choose from.

Verandas, Sun canopies or ever Security Roller shutters at Nationwide Home Innovations come in traditional and modern styles, each of them suited to different buildings. Each of them is uniquely designed with different buildings in mind. The more traditional ones are made to look elegant and stylish, ideal for stately homes and Victorian townhouses. As for the more modern designs, they’re perfect for red-brick homes and offices, not to mention shops and bars looking to add a little modern flourish. Verandas can also work well for pavilions and even beer gardens. Their versatility is one reason why they are so great to have.

Redesigning Your Bedroom

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Bedroom is one of the most private parts of your house so it is just right to make it one of the best designed rooms. Designing a bedroom is more of a personal preference. It means that the one who uses and own the room has all the rights to select the color, furniture to have and the layout and wallpaper of the room.

Victorian Bedroom

When redesigning your bedroom, you also have to consider the current design so that it won’t be difficult to incorporate the new design. If possible, avoid changing electrical lines. But it is okay to move the furniture around.

If you also want to change your bed, feel free to consider checking other options online. You may check your local furniture shop, too. And when it comes to bed mattress, ensure that it is comfortable.

There are many things to consider when redesigning your bedroom. Even the flooring, curtains, and wall paint or wallpaper must be considered so make sure that every detail is well-coordinated.

Planning for Your New Pool

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A homeowner should first decide if a pool is the right thing for their property. Then it is just a matter of deciding what kind of pool they can afford and deciding on a contractor to build it. There is a lot of effort involved in building a pool, but the return in fun and benefits makes it worthwhile.

Swimming Pool

Zoning Restrictions

Zoning restrictions will affect everything about your new pool. They will decide if it is possible to have one at all. The zoning laws may determine where your pool is placed, how big it will be, and what type of safety features are implemented. It is possible that everything from the decking built around the pool to the liner in it will fall under a zoning law of some kind. Everything will have to comply with building, health, and safety codes in your area. You must check your deed against possible deed restrictions. Your local Homeowners Association will also be involved in your decisions about the pool and pool fencing options.

Above Ground Pools

Your budget and the size of your property will impact your pool building decision also. Homeowners with large lots are able to place their pool freely. Those with smaller lots must choose their location carefully. Above ground pools are available in large sizes and the cost of the better pools is between $1,000 – $8,000. These pools usually require decking be built around the pool. This increases the cost considerably.

In ground Pools

An in ground pool requires excavation of your property. The resulting hole is lined with a concrete mixture. Then the homeowner must pick a liner for the pool. A number of quality vinyl liners are available as are one piece fiberglass liners. The one piece liners are more expensive, but more resistant to damage. Other homeowners opt to build the entire pool from concrete. This type of pool will last over 15 years before needing serious repair work. An in ground pool will cost between $20,000 – $100,000 depending on how elaborate the pool.

Pool Accessories

A swimming pool pump to keep the water circulating is necessary. This helps the filter keep the pool clean. Some furniture is desirable to make it more comfortable. After installing a pool, some landscaping is often needed to make the area more scenic. Insurance and safety regulations can require fencing and additional measures to increase safety and reduce liability. These types of things can increase costs $10,000.


Routine maintenance of the pool is necessary. This only requires a few cleaning items and a supply of chemicals. The chemicals will cost between $50 – $100 a month depending on the local climate, frequency of cleanings, and the size of the pool. Vinyl liners last five to seven years usually before needing repair. The concrete types last around 15 years before needing replastering.

Log Cabin Decorating Ideas

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Having a log cabin in your garden can definitely make it more aesthetically appealing. Furthermore, it is always good to have an extra space at home in case relatives drop by for a short vacation or perhaps, some friends for an all-nighter. Constructing one is actually not that difficult since most log cabins out there are simple, not to mention that you can purchase log cabin kits in local stores near you. Decorating them on the other hand may be a bit challenging. Below are a few ideas to choose from:

  • Country Style: Most cabins are designed to appear this way because it is simple and comforting. No bright colors or decorations. Just objects which will make it relaxing to a family member or a guest. You may see a couple of the common flowers decorating it but none which are too bright.
  • Modern Style: If you are particular about the purpose of your cabin then it would be best that you take ideas from modern style log cabins. These kinds of cabins are built to serve a particular function. Though there may be a bit of decoration just for aesthetic purposes, most of the furniture placed there is often used for practical purposes. It is important to think of visual privacy when designing modern log cabins. You can also utilize pleated shades to let you see people from the outside without others seeing you on their side. You can also use wood or bamboo to add a bit of Asian flavor to it.

Log Cabin Interior

  • Window Decoration Ideas: Window decorations are more of practical choices than just for aesthetic purposes. Home-owners need to consider their privacy, the direction where the rooms are exposed and many more. If it is facing the sunlight then perhaps some thick window screen is needed. On the other hand, window treatment involving high thermal factor may be advised during cold climates. Window architecture should also be considered. Take not that a good window dressing can hide imperfections in the cabin.
Some people may find constructing and decorating log cabins to be a bit difficult but then again, log cabin DIY kits often include a manual as to how to construct them. Furthermore, there are limitless decorating ideas available online that the homeowner may consider.