Growing Exotic Plants

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Growing exotic plants in your garden can make your garden more interesting and lively. If you feel that you need to do something different about your garden then perhaps getting some rare plants would be a good start.

Birds of Paradise - Exotic Flower

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise – Not the bird but rather, the plant called “birds of paradise” is given such a name due to its impressive and elegant appearance. It stands at about two meters tall and appears somewhat like the bird of the same name. Its fan-shaped stems look like the bird’s head and beak. Birds of paradise are often used as ornaments.

Hawaiian Flowers – Hawaiian flowers on the other hand is perfect if you want to have your garden a tropical atmosphere in it. And the Hawaiian Lava Plant is perfect for that role. It often grows on lava stones in Hawaii. If you plan to have some at your home, you may want to consider looking for Bromeliad or Anthurium plants. These plants have bright colors which makes them more appealing to the eye. While the Bromeliad has circle of fronds encircling its stem, the Anthurium has a heart-shaped brightly colored flower.

Orchids – Who would forget such exotic beauties? Orchids are popular and very few people do not have one in their garden. People often see Orchids as the most exotic plant existing. In addition, it is easy to nurture them and their blooms last for a long time. You can actually choose from a wide variety of orchids.

So if you think that you could use some new plants in your garden to give it a new look, you may want to try getting some exotic plants.

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8 thoughts on “Growing Exotic Plants

  1. Sarah

    Lumaki ako na laging may mga flowers yung around the house namin.My parents love to grow plants and flowers kaya medyo nasunod ko rin. Currently, i have my own little garden.I have birds of paradise at the backyard of my house.:)

  2. Janine

    Our family loves plants and so we do have lots of orchids here in our house.. everytime I feel tired from my business, I take a seat to our porch to relive my stressful mind! 😀

  3. mommy nuts

    I wish I have a small garden in our house. It’s just sad that I cannot grow plants here in the city. I remember I bought a few flowery plants and it all died after a week. 🙁

    Birds of Paradise is really exotic as it really looks like bird from the wild. Nice!

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