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What to Consider When Choosing the Perfect Colour Scheme for a Room

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The type of colour you choose to dress up your room can be responsible for making or breaking your room thus it shouldn’t be chosen randomly, or out of a gorgeous interior magazine because there are aspects of you room that should affect your choice. A colour that looks fantastic on one wall can look completely disastrous on another thus is essential to consider factors in your room to choose the perfect colour.

Bedroom Color Scheme

Room Lighting

The amount of natural sunlight that falls in a room can greatly affect colour choice while electrical lighting at night can always be adjusted to make the colour work at night. You need to figure out the direction of your room as north facing rooms consist of limited and cold light thus they need warmer shades such as yellow. On the other hand south facing rooms have warm light and they require cool colours such as yellow. East rooms have plenty light in the morning while West have more in the evening thus they should be given warm or cold tones according to the times they are mostly used.

Room Orientation

Room orientation greatly affects choice of colour because darker colours can stand out well and look great in large and open rooms with high ceilings while they can make a small room appear even smaller and dull it out. Light colours are essential for tiny rooms to make them appear larger; a good trick is to keep the flooring dark while walls and ceiling light so the eye draws up, add in some best canvas prints to match the floor colour. If you’re ceiling is too high then a darker colour can be used for it while a lighter for the rest of the room and vice versa for a ceiling too low.

Adding A Colour That Doesn’t Suit The Room

If there is a favourite colour that you always wished to be a part of your room or you feel it represents you but it’s not perfect for the room setting due to lighting conditions or room orientation there are still some ways in which it can be incorporated. Before going into depression think of small ways to add the colour, if for instant loud colours such as purple, electric blue or red interest you but your room is too small for them to be incorporated then you can always add pops of them in a neutral coloured room. You can keep your wall and furniture neutral while add lamps, canvas pictures, bed linen, cushions etc. of your favourite colour! Another cool idea is to paint the inside of your closets in colour to add drama, when closed, they won’t affect the room.

Author Bio: Author is an interior artist who is passionate about the use of colour, she writes articles on decor types and on the use of canvas pictures and prints.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Self Storage Units

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The best self storage Suffolk facilities and similar facilities in other parts of the country are now offering more than just storage space. You can now opt for a storage unit with sufficient climate control features, perfect for those who need to store valuable items that are prone to damages when exposed to moisture or excessive heat. What are the benefits of using a climate controlled storage unit?

No Moisture & Heat

The most prominent benefit of using a climate controlled storage unit is the lack of moisture and excessive heat. It is still necessary to pack your items properly to prevent moisture- or heat- related issues, but preventing such issues is certainly much easier to do when the interior climate is kept between 23-24° Celsius.

No Infestation Risks

Another common issue with storing certain items for an extended period of time is wasp, termites and infestation by other vermin. In a climate controlled storage unit, the set temperature will prevent pests from damaging your valuable items.

Are climate controlled units worth the extra cost? In most cases, they certainly do. The next time you are looking for a storage unit Suffolk facility, be sure to check if the unit has climate control.